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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
1/13/201713928Genuine Auto PartsParts$ 25.00914393
1/27/201714041Genuine Auto Partsdispense towels$ 193.66491692
1/27/201714041Genuine Auto Partsparts to stock$ 31.96491692
3/24/201714363Genuine Auto Partsdispenser towels and glass cleaner$ 126.86495835
4/7/201714454Genuine Auto Partsparts 1510$ 28.45496732
4/21/201714544Genuine Auto Partsparts$ 494.25498388
6/16/201714946Genuine Auto Partsparts$ 16.90502993
6/16/201714946Genuine Auto Partsdispense$ 142.04502993
6/29/201715040Genuine Auto Partsglass cleaner$ 29.88504012
8/11/201715324Genuine Auto Partsfuel for chainsaws$ 95.841149-508350
8/25/201715408Genuine Auto Partsfuel$ 167.761149-504883
8/25/201715408Genuine Auto Partsfuel$ 191.681149-508351
9/8/201715504Genuine Auto Partsdispense$ 215.96510800
10/4/201715701Genuine Auto Partsfuel$ 95.841149-512336
10/20/201715778Genuine Auto Partsmixed fuel for blowers$ 55.921149-514025
Total Amount$ 1,912.00