Staff Directory

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Whitham, StevenPolice OfficerPolice Department(913) 642-6868 ext. 4852
Whitaker, StephanieRecords ClerkPolice Department(913) 385-4632
Warkentin, RyanPolice OfficerPolice Department(913) 642-6868 ext. 4838
Ward, MyronCaptain-Staff Services Division CommanderPolice Department(913) 385-4610
Wright, JenniferExecutive AssistantPolice Department(913) 385-4607
Wakefield, JasonDetectivePolice Department(913) 385-4619
Washington, IvanCaptain-Investigations Division CommanderPolice Department(913) 385-4603
Wright, DerekCodes Enforcement OfficerCommunity Development(913) 385-4679
Worden, ChrisConstruction InspectorPublic Works(913) 385-4651
Wolf, BrianPolice Officer - DAREPolice Department(913) 385-4614