Building Design Guidelines

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Countryside East's building design guidelines were adopted in the spring of 2013 to give guidance to people looking to modify or re-build in the neighborhood. The guidelines give ample options for homeowners looking to modify their properties while at the same time respecting the needs of adjacent neighbors. Upon applying for a building permit, Prairie Village city staff will ensure your project is within the CEHA guidelines. Once your permit is granted, no further review is necessary.

Please review our building design guidelines while planning projects and ensure any professionals you may be working with are aware of them.

The guidelines primarily apply to the size, height, and footprint of homes.

Fence building requires written approval from the CEHA Board of Directors. A maximum height of six feet is allowed, and recommended materials are wood and chain link.

Sheds that have not gone though the city building permit process require Board review as well.

Maintenance items such as roof, gutter, and window replacements as well as paint selection are not regulated by Countryside East. Interior renovations (bathrooms, kitchens, etc..) not affecting the outside of the home are also beyond our scope.