Countryside East Trash and Recycling

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Countryside East contracts with WCA for all household trash, yard waste, and recycling services. This service is paid by homeowners on their Countryside East annual dues statements.

Trash, yard waste, and recycling are collected on Tuesdays. Residents are given a 65-gallon trash cart by default. In addition to the 65 gallon cart, residents may dispose up to the equivalent of 33 gallons in bagged trash or trash cans out per week at no additional charge. Additional bags require a sticker ($1.25) purchased at the Fairway Hen House or by phoning WCA. No volume limits are applied the first collection after Christmas or Independence Day. 35 gallon or 96 gallon trash carts are also available by contacting WCA.

WCA has provided each resident with a recycling container. Options include a small bin, medium bin, and 35 gallon and 65 gallon carts. All acceptable recycling materials may be commingled.

Our WCA 2017 contract provides for yard waste pickup every Tuesday April 1 through December 31. Winter yard waste pickup will occur on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in January, February, and March. Winter yard waste pickup date are: Jan 10 & 24, Feb 14 & 28, and Mar 14 & 28.

WCA phone: 816-380-5595

web site: