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Blue lights on area traffic signals

Post Date:11/08/2017 3:47 PM

Have you noticed the new blue lights on the traffic signals at 75th Street and Mission Road and 75th Street and Roe Avenue? If you are like many Prairie Village residents, you may be wondering what they are. The blue lights are a new traffic safety feature called confirmation lights. They were recently installed at these two locations due to the high number of intersection and intersection-related crashes that occur there.  

The confirmation lights allow police officers to more safely and efficiently enforce red light violations at intersections. The blue light comes on when the traffic signal turns red and can be seen from any direction. An officer can then conduct enforcement on red light violations from differing locations, even if they cannot see the light turn red. The goal is to have enforcement that reduces the number of red light violations which will lead to a reduction in intersection and intersection-related crashes.

Neighboring cities have used the confirmation lights for some time and officers report being able to more safely and effectively enforce red light violations. The confirmation lights were purchased using grant funds from the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Special Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). Please drive safely and help us reduce crashes in the City.

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