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Storm debris pickup

Post Date:01/14/2019 4:07 PM

Arbor Masters will work through the city by the sectors indicated on the map below. Completed streets are indicated in green. Major thoroughfares will be completed when traffic control is available.

Update 2/14/19 - Arbor Masters crews continue to work in sector four. Crews will not be mobilizing this weekend due to the forecasted snow. They plan to operate on President's Day (Monday) if weather and road conditions permit.

Update 2/13/19 - Crews continue to work in sector four.  

Update 2/11/19 - Arbor Masters crews have resumed debris pickup operations. They are currently working in sector four.  

Update 2/8/19 - Due to the recent ice storm, crews were unable to collect debris Feb. 7 or 8. Crews plan to work Saturday, Feb. 9.  

Update 2/5/19 - Crews are completing the first pass through sector three and beginning work in sector four.    

Update 2/1/19 - Crews continue to work in sector three. When Arbor Masters crews have collected debris from all six sectors, they will make a second pass through every street to collect debris that may have been missed.  

Update 1/31/19 - Crews have completed work in sector two, with the exception of main arterial roadways, and work is underway in sector three. Beginning Saturday, crews will work on major thoroughfares from 95th Street north to 75th Street. After the southern section is complete, crews will move north. Crews will continue to work on main roads each Saturday until they are complete.  

Update 1/29/19 - Arbor Masters will complete side streets in sector two today and begin work in sector three.   

Update 1/28/19 - Crews continue to work in sector two. Crews will work to clear debris on main arterial roadways on Saturdays, when traffic is not as heavy as it is on weekdays.  

Update 1/25/19 - Sector one is complete with the exception of the main arterial roadways (79th Street, Lamar Ave). These roads require additional traffic control and will be done as soon as crews and materials are available.

Update 1/24/19 - Arbor Masters will complete sector one today, and begin sector two. The main streets will be completed when traffic control is available.

Update 1/18/19 - Arbor Masters will begin large limb pickup Monday. The first cleanup area will be in sector one.

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The City of Prairie Village is coordinating curbside limb pick up with Republic Services and Arbor Masters. This plan is subject to change depending on circumstances and/or weather impacts. We will provide any updates as they become available.

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 15, Republic Services will pick up smaller fallen limbs on resident’s regularly scheduled trash day. Residents should tie limbs into bundles no more than four feet in length, less than 18 inches in circumference, and less than 50 pounds. Individual branches within the bundle cannot be more than 3 inches in diameter. Bundles should be placed at the curbside.

Arbor Masters will collect larger limbs that exceed the size specified above beginning Monday, Jan. 21. The limbs must be cut into sections not exceeding 10 feet in length. Limbs must be stacked in the front yard as close to the curb as possible, parallel to the street, and away from street lights, utility boxes, fire hydrants, and clear of overhead power lines. Storm debris should not be pushed into streets. This will interfere with traffic and with ongoing snow plowing operations.

Storm debris should not be hauled to city parks.

If you have questions, please contact City Hall at 913-381-6464. Please do not drop fallen limbs off at City Parks.



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