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Community Gardens

Johnson County Contain the Rain Program

Earth Fair Partnership with S.M.E.

Recycling Extravaganza 

Curbside Recycling Collection
In June of 1989 an Ad Hoc Committee on Recycling was formed under the leadership of Mayor Monroe Taliaferro and chaired by Councilman Scott Tschudy. At this point, 26 Prairie Village citizens volunteered to implement the program.

The City provided $10,000 initially. The Recycling Committee developed a pilot program designed to test several methods of collection and to gauge Prairie Village’s commitment to a citywide recycling program. The week of September 11, 1989, Prairie Village began collecting recycling from 1400 homes or 20% of the city’s single family residences. The pilot, which ran for three months, included the Indian Fields, Country Hills and Prairie Hills sub-divisions. To accommodate those residents not included in the pilot program, a drop-off site was established at City Hall on Saturday mornings. This alternative proved wildly popular, with as many as 2000 cars converging at City Hall on Saturdays to recycle!

The Citywide Curbside Recycling Program began in January of 1991 and by 1993 every house in Prairie Village, all 9000, enjoyed weekly recycling pick-up.

Yard Waste Pickup