Community Forum

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The Community Forum is an annual event sponsored by the Kansas Natural Resource Council (KNRC), the Prairie Village Environmental Committee and the Northeast Johnson County Sustainability Coalition.  It is hosted by the Environmental Action Committee of the Village Presbyterian Church. 

This year's Community Forum is to be announced.

For more information: contact Deborah English at 913-451-750 or Kathy Riordan at 913-383-7882.


Past Community Fora

2013 - What's in Our Water?

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Michael T. Meyer will speak about Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Kansas Surface Water.

2012 - Just the Fracks: What is Hydraulic Fracking?

Guest Speakers:
Joe Spease of WindSoHy, Kansas State Senator Marci Francisco, Paul Johnson of the Kansas Rural Center, and Rex Buchanan of the Kansas Geological Survey.

2011- Climate Change: Global and Local Evidence and Implications

Guest Speaker: Dr. John Harrington of Kansas State University, Department of Geography.

2010 - Quantity and Quality: Critical Water Issues in Kansas
Moderator: Ken Grotewiel, Senior Associate with the Great Plains Consensus Council, Bethel College, and former Assistant Director of the Kansas Water Office.
Guest Panel: John Mitchell, Director of Environment at Kansas Department of Health and Environment; Laura Calwell, Friends of the Kaw; and Dave Murphy, Kansas Natural Resources Council.

2009 - The American Heartland: How Kansas Will Feed and Fuel the 21st Century
Speaker: Nancy Jackson, Executive Director, Climate and Energy Project, Lawrence, KS.

2008 - Blowing Smoke: Environmental Law and Kansas Air Quality
Speaker: Karl Brooks, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History and Environmental Studies, University of Kansas.

2007 - The Water of Kansas -- Past, Present and Future
Speaker: Don Worster, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental History, University of Kansas.

2006 - Growing Food as if the Future Matters
Speaker: Ken Warren, Managing Director, The Land Institute.

2005 - Wind, Prairie and Kansas Energy
Speaker: Lee Allison, Ph.D., Science and Energy Policy Advisor to Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

2004 - Preserving Biodiversity in Northeast Kansas
Speaker: Kelly Kindscher, Ph.D., Kansas Biological Survey.

2003 - Governor Sebelius's Environmental Agenda and Kansas Natural Resource Legacy Alliance Premilinary Report
Speaker: Ron Hammerschmidt, Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

2002 - Kansas Legislative Update on Environmental Issues
Speaker: Jay Barnes, Executive Director, Kansas Natural Resources Council.