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Your Rights & Obligations

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Right to an Attorney

In all cases in the Municipal Court, you may choose to have an attorney represent you.

When you are charged with an offense in which the City is seeking jail time as part of your sentence and you are indigent, you can apply to the Court and request the appointment of a Public Defender.  You will be required to fill out a financial affidavit and attest to its truthfulness. If the Court finds you are indigent, the Court will consider appointing a Public Defender to represent you.

If you are appointed a Public Defender the Court will assess a fee of $90.00 which you will be required to pay if you are convicted of the charge.

Appearance & Behavior in Court

When you appear in Court you will be required to obey the following rules:

  1. Turn off or silence all electronic devices (cell phones, Ipads, etc.).
  2. Appropriate clothing and shoes will be worn.
  3. The wearing of hats or caps is not allowed. 
  4. Food and drinks are not allowed in the Courtroom. 
  5. While the Court is in session, talking is not allowed, except with authorized Court personnel. 
  6. There will be No Smoking in the Courtroom.

Your Rights at the Trial

The Complaint

  • You have the right to inspect a complaint filed against you before trial, and have it read to you at trial. 
  • You do not have the right to have your case tried before a jury in Municipal Court. 
  • You are entitled to hear all testimony introduced against you.

Testifying in Court

  • You have a right to testify on your own behalf. 
  • You also have a constitutional right not to testify. 
  • If you choose not to testify, your refusal cannot and will not be used against you in determining your guilt or innocence. 
  • However, if you do choose to testify, the prosecutor will have the right to cross examine you.


  • You may call witnesses to testify on your own behalf; however,
  • Service of subpoenas for your witnesses will be your responsibility.