City Hall and Public Works buildings are closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call 913-381-6464 if you are unable to conduct City business online. 


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911 should be reserved for emergency situations, such as when a crime is in progress or when you or someone else is in danger.

If you need an ambulance or the Fire Department for an emergency, call 911.


For non-emergency situations, call the Communications Center at 913-642-6868
or 913-642-5151.

For ambulance and Fire non-emergency matters, call 913-432-1717.

Dialing 911 by Mistake

If you accidentally call 911, DO NOT hang up. Stay on the line and explain the situation to the Dispatcher. We understand mistakes happen. If you do, a Dispatcher will call you back and, in many instances, an officer will have to respond to ensure everything is okay.