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Q: What should I do if I suspect a drug house in my neighborhood?
If you observe anything suspicious, call the Police immediately. If you want to remain anonymous, contact the Drug Hotline at 913/642-6868 ext. 4805. If you want to speak with a detective, contact the Special Investigations Unit at 913/642-6868

Q: What constitutes suspicious activity?
Anything out of the ordinary, such as: heavy traffic, visitors coming to a house and staying for short periods of time, late night traffic, and/or people loitering around a residence. If in doubt, call the Police.

Q: What type of information could assist the Police with an investigation?
License plate numbers, description of vehicles, description of suspects, type of activity and time of day. Please remember to not put yourself in harm's way to obtain information.

Q: When should I report a crime?
It is best to report crimes that are in progress or even suspicious activity as soon as you become aware of it. Try to remember as much about the suspect as possible. Details such as the gender, race, approximate age and size of the suspect, a description of the suspect's clothing and any information such as a license plate and the color of the car may result in the crime being solved.

Q: What about crime that's already occurred?
Crime that is discovered after the fact can be reported at your convenience by visiting the Public Safety Center at 7710 Mission Road or by calling the Communications Center at 913/642-5151 when you are ready to make a report.

Q: What if I'm not sure I should call?
Many times people hesitate to call the Police. They feel their concerns are trivial or that the matter is not important enough to call about. Please call! It's our job to investigate suspicious activity or things that seem out of the ordinary. Without your involvement, it is impossible to reduce or eliminate crime.

Criminal Information Reports
Request the Department's monthly report on serious crime throughout the City for $3.00. Or contact Det. Caroline Van Cil at 913/385-4012 for information on crime in your neighborhood.