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Open Ignition Ordinance

Following is the City's Open Ignition Ordinance:

Article 13, of the Standard Traffic Ordinance Section 107

 Unattended Vehicles:

No person either operating or in charge of a motor vehicle shall leave the vehicle unattended and unlocked on either a public or private area within the City unless the ignition of such vehicle is in the locked position, the keys are removed from the ignition and effectively setting the brake thereon and, when standing upon any grade, turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the highway. These provisions shall not apply if the windows are closed and the doors locked or the vehicle is in a closed and secure building or when an engine has been activated by a remote starter system when the keys are not in the motor vehicle. A vehicle shall be presumed unattended if the owner or person in charge of the vehicle is not in the vehicle or is not in the immediate vicinity so as to have direct control or access to the vehicle.”