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Highlawn Montessori Traffic Plan

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 Highlawn Montessori

Dear Highlawn Montessori School Staff and Parents,

The Prairie Village Police Department has undertaken an effort to streamline access to and from the parking lots at Highlawn Montessori School, while reducing the potential for accidents on the streets around the school. As a result, several modifications have been made in regard to lane markings, parking regulations, and turning restrictions on the streets surrounding the school. The areas of concern are designated as A through F on the map above. An explanation of the regulations for each section can be found below at the corresponding letters.

A. ONE-HOUR PARKING is now permitted in these new parallel parking stalls in the 3500 block of Somerset. Signs have been erected designating the time limit and lane markings have been modified to create the parallel parking stalls.

B. This RIGHT TURN ONLY portion of Somerset has been extended to provide a safe amount of lane for trucks and trailers commonly entering Public Works. As indicated by the signs, NO STOPPING OR STANDING is permitted in this portion of the lane. This portion of the lane is also signed and painted RIGHT TURN ONLY. This portion of the lane is to be used only for right turns into the Public Works facility.

C. Signs indicating NO PARKING OR STANDING have been erected in the Public Works driveway. This driveway is to be used exclusively for business at the Public Works facility.

D. NO LEFT TURN signs have been erected at both exits of the school parking lot. As indicated by the signs, restrictions on left turns will be in effect School Days from 8:30-9:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m., and 2:30-3:15 p.m. If your destination is west of Highlawn Montessori, please take time to explore routes utilizing other neighborhood streets.

E. NO U-TURN signs have been installed in the 3300 and 3400 blocks of Somerset. If your destination is west of the school, please do not make a U-turn on Somerset in this area.

F. NO PARKING signs have been erected in front of 8037 Reinhardt Lane (this is the east side of Reinhardt Lane just north of Somerset Drive).

The Police Department understands these changes may be confusing for some drivers. Our intent with the implementation of these changes is to improve safe and legal access to and from the parking lots of Highlawn Montessori School. Our hope is that these low-cost solutions, while slightly inconvenient for some, will achieve our goals. Please note that this is a “work in-progress.” The Police Department will continue to periodically monitor the traffic flow around the school throughout the year and adjustments, if appropriate, may be made.

The Police Department is asking for your cooperation in complying with these traffic regulations.
If you have questions, Sgt. Ivan Washington can be reached at 913-385-4603 or