Drainage Operations & Maintenance

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Employees assigned to this program maintain the drainage system including catch basins, drainage pipes and drainage channels. 

Each year, Public Works employees sweep over 3,000 curb-miles of streets, clean out over 1,000 catch basins and storm sewers and perform many other tasks necessary to keep the City's drainage infrastructure in good or better condition. 

The operation, maintenance and improvement of the City's drainage system is funded by the City's Stormwater Utility.  Each property in the City is charged is fair share of drainage expenses based on a cost per square foot of impervious area on that property.  For more information about the stormwater utility follow the link to the Stormwater Utility page.

Learn what your rights are when public improvement work is done on your street; Prairie Village Citizen's "Bill of Rights".

If you observe a street, curb, or catch basin that needs attention, let us know by submitting a Public Works Service Request Form.