City Hall and Public Works buildings are closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call 913-381-6464 if you are unable to conduct City business online. 

Operations & Maintenance

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If you observe a street, curb, or catch basin, a public park, or a public building that needs attention, let us know by submitting a Public Works Service Request Form.

Streets Operation & Maintenance 

Employees assigned to the streets operation & maintenance program clean streets, fill potholes, replace street signs and remove snow and ice from city streets during the winter. Each year, Public Works employees fill nearly 1,500 pot holes, and perform many other tasks necessary to keep the city's infrastructure in good or better condition. 

Drainage Operations & Maintenance

Employees assigned to the drainage operations & maintenance program maintain the drainage system including catch basins, drainage pipes and drainage channels. Each year, Public Works employees sweep over 3,000 curb-miles of streets, clean out over 1,000 catch basins and storm sewers and perform many other tasks necessary to keep the City's drainage infrastructure in good or better condition. 

The operation, maintenance and improvement of the city's drainage system is funded by the city's stormwater utility.  Each property in the city is charged its fair share of drainage expenses based on a cost per square foot of impervious area on that property.  Learn more about this utility on the Stormwater Utility page.

Parks & Ground Maintenance

Employees assigned to the parks & ground maintenance program maintain the city's 12 public parks, doing everything from mowing parks and traffic islands to repairing fountains. They also maintain the grounds around public buildings.

For information about tree maintenance, click here

Buildings Maintenance 

Employees assigned to the building maintenance program maintain all city facilities, including the municipal buildings, the aquatic complex, and the Prairie Village Community Center.

Vehicle Maintenance

Whether they are Police cars, dump trucks, or street sweepers, they all need to be kept in good working order. The Public Works Department mechanics work to keep all city-owned vehicles and other equipment in good condition. This program also operates a fueling island at the Public Works Facility, providing gasoline and diesel fuel to City vehicles.


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