2018 Park Improvements

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Franklin Park 2-5 year old play area

General Overview

In 2018, Windsor Park, Porter Park, and Franklin Park will all receive varying upgrades. Windsor Park will have new swings and a new shelter installed, as well as reconfigured walking paths. Permanent restrooms will be installed in Porter Park. Playground equipment will be replaced at Franklin Park.

These projects are administered by the Public Works Department. Please contact Melissa Prenger, Sr. Project Manager (mprenger@pvkansas.com) if you have any questions or concerns.

Public Feedback

A public meeting was held on the following date:
July 10th 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Community Center
Franklin and Porter Park Designs

A survey for feedback was available and is now closed. 

Porter Park

February 2019:  The restroom was bid in conjunction with the North Park project.  Future updates reflect construction activities.

December 2018: The restroom will be bid as part of the North Park project in the next month. 

The restroom proposals are available to view here. (PDF)

September 2018 - Thank you to all who came to the public meeting and all who participated in the online survey.  The feedback has been very positive for this permanent feature at Porter.  The survey results overwhelming sided with more stalls than less and narrowly picked the blue color scheme (Scheme A) along with the traditional gable roof (concept B).

July 2018 - This year the City will design and construct a restroom at Porter Park (Tomahawk and Roe).  Come join us on July 10th between 4:30 and 6:30 pm in the Community Center for a public meeting to look at the location and design of the permanent restroom facility.

Franklin Park


February 14: Crews areback out today during the brief period of warm weather to continue work. Scheduled completion is early March. 

February 4: 

Crews worked diligently over the warm weekend on the next phase of construction, the 5-12 play area; and they have a few items left before the equipment installation is complete. We do need some cooperation from the weather to finalize the project and place mulch before opening it for use.

January 8: 

The 2-5 play area is scheduled to be open Friday, January 11.  The installation of the 5-12 play area will begin the following Monday, January 14 with completion scheduled for January 22.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for continued good weather during the second phase of the project!  Thank you for your patience while crews have been working to bring this improvement to our park.

December 2018 - The musical chimes are installed, and the playsets will be coming soon. The vendor will be on site within the next week to begin demo/install of one of the playsets.  Be on the lookout for the new blue boat!

December 7:  The contract was recently approved and residents will see construction soon in Franklin Park.  The approved playset is Blue Boats and was designed with many inclusive features and an ACTIVE principal of design which includes all 6 physical fitness elements of play: swinging, climbing, brachiating, spinning, sliding, and balancing activities that everyone can find an element to enjoy and the environment encourages activity.  We anticipate installation to be completed in early February.

September 7:  Thank you to all who came to the public meeting and all who participated in the online survey.  All of the playsets were great options for play value. The two playsets moving forward for committee discussion are "Adventureland" and "Blue Boats".  These two play sets will be discussed at the next Parks and Recreation meeting.  

There were some commonly asked questions in the comment section of the survey:

"Please leave the trees!" or "Are you going to take down any trees?" 

We are not removing any trees to install these playsets.   They will simply be replacing the current playsets in their locations.

"Please tell us the tire swing will still be there!!"

Yes!  We are not removing any of the swings.

"Will the creek water feature remain, that is an awesome feature?"

Yes, the creek water feature will remain.

"Do the playsets meet ADA requirements?" 

Yes, all of the options presented by the vendors meet ADA requirements.

July 2018 - This year the City will be installing new play sets for both age groups in Franklin Park (Somerset and Roe).  Come join us on July 10th between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. in the Community Center for a public meeting to view the possible play sets. We are excited to make this update to a very busy park!

The playground proposals are available to view here. (PDF)


Windsor Park

September 2018 - The park improvements are completed and we thank all of the park patrons for their patience during construction.  Park patrons can expect to see the contractor back on site for a few touch ups this fall during seed season.

July 2018 - Project anticipated to be completed this month.  Remaining items include masonry stone wraps on columns and installation of lights in shelter.  Play area is open.

April 2018 - Windsor Park construction is expected to be completed by the end of the month.