Community Center Feasibility Study

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Project Resolution

Final Council Action has been taken on this item. The City Council accepted the Community Center Feasibility Study as complete, but decided not to move forward with plans or construction until and unless partners come forward willing to pay for a significant amount of the capital and operating costs at which time the study may be reexamined.

Project Scope

The Community Center Feasibility Study has been submitted and is ready for review by the Parks and Recreation Committee and City Council.  The Prairie Village Parks and Recreation Committee recommended the study as a result of discussions the consultant had with a variety of groups including residents, park users, and Council Members. In response, the City partnered with the Shawnee Mission School District and the Johnson County Park and Recreation District to select 360 Architecture as the primary consultant for the study. The consultants were tasked with conducting a market study, a citizen survey, and interviews with other area service providers to identify opportunities for potential partnerships. With these results, and the guidance of a citizen advisory committee, 360 Architecture was to recommend the space needs and amenities for a facility that would meet the needs of the community. In addition, the consultants were to determine the costs of construction, operations, and a method of financing such a facility. After a lengthy and in-depth process, the consultant has presented the City with its final draft report.


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3/6/2013 - At the March 4th City Council meeting, the City Council accepted the Community Center Feasibility Study presented by 360 Architecture. The City Council decided not to pursue any of the options presented due to lack of committed financial partners. The options proposed are not feasible for the City to finance and operate without partners.  The study may be reexamined if partners come forward willing to pay for a significant amount of the capital and operating costs.

1/11/2013 - The study was presented to the Parks & Recreation Committee at their January 9, 2013 meeting. A presentation produced by 360 Architecture was shared with the Committee and members of the public that followed the Executive Summary of the study. During the ensuing discussion there was favorable support for Option One with the 50m Pool but with serious reservations. Key concerns were the cost of construction, the projected operational subsidy and the concern that Prairie Village residents would bear the majority of the cost, but that those outside Prairie Village might get the majority of the benefit. This is given that the Natatorium would be used by a significant number of non-residents and many Prairie Village residents already belong to surrounding Community Centers, an option that does not require increases in property or sales taxes. There was also discussion of potential equity partners and the need for those partners to commit to sharing the costs at a significant level.

The Committee made a general statement of support for Option #1 with the 50m Pool if equity partners could be identified that would contribute a significant portion of the funding to build and operate the facility.

1/3/2013 - The report will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Committee at their January 9th meeting and then go back to the Parks and Recreation Committee for discussion on February 13th.  The report will be presented to the City Council on January 22nd.  This meeting will be a Council presentation only.  There will be no Council discussion until after the February 13th Parks & Recreation Committee meeting.