Delmar/Fontana Low Water Crossing Removal and Flood Control Project

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Project Overview

There is a long history to this project dating back to the 1998 floods. The attached City Council memo explains the history and this memo set the current direction of the project. Council voted to move forward with the design of the improvement project.

Below are design exhibits that represent the general highlights of the project:

Below is a Council Memo requesting to submit a Preliminary Engineering Study to Johnson County for project funding.

Below is the most recent Council Memo for Final Design for the project

This project is administered by the Public Works Department. Please contact Cliff Speegle, Stormwater Engineer ( if you have any questions or concerns.


October 10 - The City has completed preliminary plans for this project. Staff has been coordinating individually with residents adjacent to the channel improvements. A public meeting will be held October 24 in the Multi-purpose room at City Hall as an opportunity to share the design with the neighborhood and receive feedback from residents. Please come anytime between 4:30 & 6:30 p.m. as there will not be a formal presentation. City staff and the engineers will be available to discuss the project. 

August 9 – Preliminary design continues for this project. Coordination has also begun with utility companies to plan utility relocation that may be required as part of the improvements. 

Individual resident meetings will begin in September to review the preliminary design with property owners adjacent to the improvements. After individual property meetings occur, a public meeting will be held to review the project and schedule.

Construction is currently planned to occur in 2019.

March 29 - Progress is being made and most of the field surveying is complete. Utilities have been located and surveyed. During the week of April 1, 2018, four locations will have soil borings taken to determine sub surface information. View the Soil Boring Location Map here (PDF). Once that is complete all the utility flags can be removed from properties.

We are now starting the detailed design based on Option 3 of the Preliminary Engineering Study. As we develop the design we may have meetings with individual properties along the way. Once preliminary design is complete we will have a resident meeting.

February 27 -
A letter was sent to residents of the neighborhood to make them aware of the current status of the project. View the letter here.