Google Fiber Connection to Residential Dwellings

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Google has announced intentions to bring fiber connections to residential dwellings in the City of Prairie Village. Fiber networks offer connections up to 100 times faster than traditional broadband speeds, allowing for enhanced internet and TV services. 

Google's Latest Update

Over the past several months, Google Fiber has run many miles of brand new fiber optic cables throughout our city. They have now brought their fiber network to the streets in our neighborhood.

What’s next? If you live in a single family home and signed up for service, they’ll bring a fiber connection from the street to the side of your home. Here are some things to look for:
• Communications: They will be placing a note on your home prior to beginning any construction so you are aware of what to expect.
• Locates: Markings will be placed outlining where utilities are in order to avoid interrupting other utility services.
• NIU Drop (Network Interface Unit): A technician will be installing your NIU box on the side of your home. (Once utility locate markings appear, you should see an installation within 2 weeks.)
• Quality Control: Once the drop is placed on your home, another technician will do a quality control check.

Once Google Fiber has confirmed that your fiber connection is ready, they’ll contact you to schedule your in-home installation appointment. Please make sure that you regularly check the email address associated with your Google Fiber account to receive our updates related to your installation.

Google Fiber’s goal is to minimize any disruptions in your neighborhood, so please encourage your neighbors to reach out to them at (877) 454-6959 or email with any construction related concerns. You can also learn more on their website,

Google Fiber Sign ups

Google Fiber opened signups in the service area called East Johnson County. This includes Prairie Village, Mission, Mission Hills, Fairway, and a sliver of Overland Park.

Residents and small businesses have until May 19 to go to the Google Fiber website to sign up for service. As in previous rallies, there is a minimum number of customer signups each fiberhood must have before the fiberhood is qualified for installations. The Google Fiber website has a map of the fiberhoods as well as details on how many signups each fiberhood needs to qualify.

Residents and small businesses must sign up for service by May 19; new signups will not be taken after that date. Google Fiber will likely reopen signups at some point but there is no timeline available for when that might happen.

In addition to the Fiber website, you can visit Fiber reps at one of their temporary grocery store locations.

Hen House 28 at Prairie Village Shopping Center
6950 Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS
Hours: Mon-Sun: 12pm-8pm until May 19th 

Hen House 22 at Corinth Square Shopping Center
4050 W 83rd Street, Prairie Village, KS
Hours: Mon-Sun: 12pm-8pm until May 19th


What to expect during construction

Construction Map [PDF Version]

Google will begin construction in areas within the pink boundaries on the map below (as of 2/24/2016).

GOOGLE-LOCATION PV WEBGoogle has provided a YouTube video available here.

Google Fiber FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Google Fiber?
Google Fiber is an ultra-high speed internet service which provides internet connection speeds up to 100 times faster than today's average broadband internet service.  Google Fiber may also include high-definition television service depending on the option purchased by the resident.

What is a fiberhood?
A fiberhood includes about 250-1,500 households. Google determines fiberhood boundaries based on a number of varying factors. 

How do I get Fiber service for my home?
Google is building the Fiber network by demand—fiberhoods which meet their pre-registration goal will get Google Fiber service.  In other communities, this typically starts with a pre-registration period to allow residents to express interest in bringing Google Fiber to their neighborhoods. Each fiberhood will need to reach its goal in order to qualify. The next step for qualifying fiberhoods is to select their plan. Once Google has fiber installed in your fiberhood, you will be contacted directly to schedule the installation in your home. 

What is the Google Fiber Space?
The Fiber Space is Google's storefront in Kansas City where you have the opportunity to experience their services, ask questions, and have the opportunity to sign-up for service.  The Google Fiber Space has also hosted various events and workshops to demonstrate their services. You may stop by the Fiber Space at 43rd and Stateline Road or check their calendar for a list of special events.  

Where can I find out more information about Google Fiber?
For questions about Google Fiber service, contact Google Customer Service at 866-777-7550 or visit 

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about Google Fiber or construction work, or if my property is damaged due to the construction work?
Please contact the Google Construction Phone Line at 866-777-7550. 

What is the right-of-way?
In general, right-of-way is an area in which a municipality has the legal right to access and use the area for the benefit of the public. Typically, this would be for transportation purposes (i.e. roads, sidewalks, etc.) and depending on the area it may extend approximately 10 – 15 feet behind the edge of the street or curb. For specific questions regarding right-of-way on your property, please contact the City of Prairie Village Public Works Department at 913-385-4647. 

What is a utility easement?
A utility easement is an area in which the municipality or a utility has the legal right to access and use the area to construct new or maintain existing utility infrastructure. Utility easements can be located adjacent to right-of-way, but typically are located along property boundaries. Typical utility easements are 10 – 20 feet in width. Each property owner will need to determine whether or not a utility easement on their property is dedicated for a particular purpose. Dedication language in plats are inconsistent even within the City.

What is the City’s role in the fiber projects?
The City of Prairie Village supports business development activities within the City; however, the City does not endorse the products and/or services of businesses.  Due to the numerous questions received by elected officials, City staff, and the nature of this large project, the City is attempting to be transparent by providing this information to keep residents informed.  You are not required to purchase this services and the City of Prairie Village is not endorsing Google Fiber.   

Overall, City of Prairie Village staff has been working with representatives from Google Fiber on various coordination efforts for this project.  This includes ensuring City ordinances are being followed, which is standard practice for these undertakings within the City especially when working in right-of-way and various utility easements.  It is our goal to make this construction project a positive experience for area residents with as little disruption as possible.     

Who Can I Contact at the City of Prairie Village regarding fiber?
If you continue to have questions or concerns regarding Google Fiber construction issues in the City of Prairie Village, please contact the Public Works Department at (913) 385-4647.  For other questions related to fiber within Prairie Village, please contact Nolan Sunderman, Assistant to the City Administrator, at (913) 385-4635.

Links for Additional Information:
Visit Google's FAQs for more information related to Fiberhoods, plans, sign-ups, installation, accounts & billing, policies, apartment installation, community connections, and small businesses.