Orange Barrel Report - 2018

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Construction Guy 


Updated: June 29 2018
A letter will be sent to each resident prior to major construction beginning on their street.

Cones  Special Construction:

None at this time.

Cones  2018 CARS Program

General Information
The County Board of Commissioners recognized that one of the keys to the success of Johnson County is in its major transportation corridors that connect the cities of Johnson County. In response to this need the Board created the County Assistance Road System (CARS) program.  This program provides funds to the cities of Johnson County to construct and maintain major arterials. The County pays 50% of the project’s construction and construction inspection costs. Cities are responsible for design, right-of-way, and utility relocation costs.

2018 Program Details
Construction Cost: $2,400,000
Start Date: June 2018
Completion Date: Fall 2018  
Contractor: O'Donnell and Sons Construction

The 2018 CARS Program consists of 2 projects:

Mission Road, 85th Street to 85th Street (with the City of Leawood)
The project will consists of minor curb repair and driveway replacement on the west side.
The east side will replace curb south of 92nd Street and install new sidewalk.  

June 29: 
West side construction has begun and will coordinate with upcoming Johnson County Wastewater work in the northbound lanes.  The JCWW work will push both lanes of traffic into the southbound lanes for one week each at three different locations between 83rd Street and 95th Street.  Be alert for this change in traffic pattern.

Roe Avenue, 67th Street to 75th Street
The project will consist of curb repair, sidewalk replacement and driveway apron replacement as needed.  Bridge repairs are included in the project along with 8 parking spots added along Roe in the vicinity of the shelter at Porter Park.

June 29: 
A public meeting for residents on Roe from 67th to 75th.  The public meeting will be held on July 12th from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the Community Center.  Construction is anticipated to start after WaterOne is completed with their work in late July.


Cones2018 Street Resurfacing Program

Concerns/questions?  Email the project team at 
This email goes to the Contractor and City staff. We will work together to get your concern addressed in a timely fashion.

General Information
This is a City program to repair existing streets throughout Prairie Village.  Every street is evaluated based on its existing condition and given a numerical rating.  This rating is derived from formulas that take into account the amount and type of distresses in the existing asphalt pavement. This program will replace existing damaged or deteriorated concrete curb, sidewalks (where there are currently sidewalks), some driveways, new sidewalk where there is none and updating ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) pedestrian ramps. The existing asphalt pavement will either be:

  1. Reconstructed full depth, or
  2. Mill pavement between two and three inches then resurfaced with two or three inches of asphalt. Full depth pavement repairs will be performed as necessary.

Below is the list of streets, and their proposed improvements.  Please note that this list (and the proposed treatments) is only tentative and that streets may be deleted or added based on budgetary restrictions.  

2018 Program Details
Construction Cost: $2,225,000
Start Date: July 2018
Completion Date: Fall 2018 
Contractor: O'Donnell and Sons Construction

During the hot summer months temporary restoration in the right of way will be seed.  The contractor will be back in the fall for permanent restoration of sod.

  1.  Tomahawk Road (81st Street to 83rd Street) 
    Public Meeting on Street July 2nd 5:30 pm
    Start the week of July 9th
  2. 89th Street (Mission to Catalina)
    Start the week of July 9th
  3. Cherokee (71st Street to 75th Street) 
    71st (Mission to Cherokee)
    Coordinating sidewalk replacement with completion of WaterOne main replacement
    Start on south side week of July 16th

    Order of construction has not yet been determined:
  4. 64th Terrace (Roe Avenue to Hodges Drive)
  5. Windsor Drive (79th Street to Somerset Drive)
  6. 76th Street (Ash Street to Nall Avenue)
  7. Cedar Drive cul-de-sac
  8. Cedar Street (83rd Terrace to 85th Street)
  9. Norwood Drive (79th Street to Somerset Drive)
  10. Granada Street (79th Street to 82nd Street)
  11. 73rd Street (High Drive to Booth Street)
  12. 73rd Street cul-de-sac (off of Windsor)
  13. Cedar Street (71st Street to 71st Terrace)
  14. Fonticello Street (71st Street to 71st Terrace)

Cones 2018 Concrete Repair Program

General Information

Replacement of existing damaged or deteriorated concrete curb, sidewalk and ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) pedestrian sidewalk ramps.

Construction Cost: $700,000
Start Date: July 2018
Completion Date: October 2018
Contractor: Kansas Heavy Construction

Area 11 and 21: This year’s program will be in two maintenance areas.  Please note that not every street in these areas will need concrete work.  The City will also be completing repairs on miscellaneous locations throughout the City. This area is shown on the map. 

2018 concrete repair map

In addition, 76th Street (Ash Street to Nall Avenue) and Cedar Street (71st Street to 71st Terrace) are scheduled to have all of the concrete curbs and portions of the sidewalks and driveway aprons (the portion of your driveway that meets the street) replaced due to the condition of the curbs.  After the concrete has been removed and replaced, the street will be milled and overlaid with a new asphalt surface by the paving program.  

Cones 2018 Street Repair Program

General Information

The City has created a program whereby a Contractor is hired to perform street repairs at various locations throughout the City. This program allows us to address areas where significant settlement or deterioration has occurred and make repairs to those areas.

Construction Cost: $150,000  
Start Date: July 2018
Completion Date: September 2018
Contractor: Advanced Asphalt
Type of Work:  Miscellaneous Pavement Repairs 

2018 Street Repair

Cones2018 MicroSurfacing/Crack Seal Program

General Information

Construction Cost: $ 312,000
Start Date: Summer 2018
Completion Date:  Fall 2018
Contractor:  Vance Brothers

Crack Seal is a hot applied flexible rubberized sealant used to seal cracks in the pavement to prevent water from entering the base and sub-grade.  Sealing cracks and joints extends the service life of the pavement.  Streets will not have to be closed for crack sealing; therefore no notification will be given.  Crack Seal is completed in the fall when the cracks have had time to expand to allow the material to enter the cracks entirely. We anticipate the crack seal program to begin in late October. 


Micro Surfacing is a mixture of emulsified (liquid-like) asphalt, aggregate, admixtures, cement and water that is applied in a thin coat as a maintenance tool to assist in preserving the existing asphalt pavement.  The material cures by chemical and water evaporation.  It helps seal the existing surface and has a life span of approximately seven to ten years.  It is not considered a substitute for reconstructing or resurfacing the street, but rather a less costly solution in prolonging the existing pavement until major work is necessary and as funding becomes available.  Micro Surfacing will be completed in early October.  Residents will be notified with a letter in advance of street closures.  A door hanger will also be distributed 24 to 48 hours in advance of any street closing.