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Reinhardt and 84th Terrace Stormwater Improvements

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Project Overview

Public Works received feedback from residents in the Corinth Meadows neighborhood near 84th Terrace and Reinhardt Street that rainfall runoff ponds in the street and on properties. Affinis was hired to review the area to determine the extent of the problem and potential solutions. The area was surveyed and questionnaires were sent to residents to better understand the issues. Modeling of the existing storm sewer system and the questionnaires confirmed street flooding and the potential for homes to flood during significant rainfall events.

This project is administered by the Public Works Department. Please contact Cliff Speegle, Stormwater Engineer ( if you have any questions or concerns.


The County has approved funding this Prairie Village/Leawood project at 75% of design and construction.  Prairie Village and Leawood will share costs proportioned to the construction in each City, which is approximately 50%.


Project Updates

January 31, 2020 – The project will be out to bid in February to begin the contractor selection process. Construction is planned to begin in early spring. Once a contractor is selected, information on about the contractor and the construction schedule will be provided.

July 15, 2019 – Final easement acquisitions are wrapping up. Since the easement process has lasted into the summer, construction will likely occur in the spring of 2020. Starting construction in the spring will avoid lingering road and yard disturbance through the winter.  Schedule updates will be communicated as the construction schedule gets finalized.   

April 1, 2019 -  Easement acquisition continues for this project. Construction is still planned to occur in the summer and fall of 2019. A more detailed schedule with be available once easements are complete and the project is bid to contractors. 

January 11, 2019 – Kansas Gas will being upgrading some portions of the gas main in the next week ahead of the stormwater project construction. The upgrades may also include some individual service line connection upgrades. Kansas Gas will notify you if they need to work on your service line. 

December 17, 2018 -  Easement documents will be going out in the mail this month. A letter will be included in the mailing that explains the process for signing easements. The City will be working on acquiring all easements in January. You may see utility companies in your neighborhood this winter adjusting their facilities for this project. 

October 25, 2018 - The City has completed preliminary plans for this project. Staff has been coordinating individually with residents adjacent to the channel improvements. A public meeting will be held November 8th in the Multi-purpose room at City Hall as an opportunity to share the design with the neighborhood and receive feedback from residents. Please come anytime between 4:30 & 6:30 p.m. as there will not be a formal presentation. City staff and the engineers will be available to discuss the project. 

July 2018 - Utility conflict coordination has pushed the construction of the improvements to the spring of 2019 and, as part of the utility coordination effort, some additional investigation is required. This will require a utility locating company to be in the  neighborhood in July locating some additional utility locations. Residents will see some personnel and equipment in the street and working within the right-of-way.  A public meeting will be held later this summer to review the design and project timeline.

January 30 2018 - The area has been surveyed and preliminary design is progressing. The cities and home owners' associations have met to review a preliminary concept that is suitable to both Prairie Village and Leawood. Currently design details are being worked out on that plan for review at the next public meeting.

November 13 2017 - Public Meeting | 4:00 - 6:00 | Prairie Village Community Center
The Cities of Leawood and Prairie Village hosted a joint public meeting for the residents on the project. The meeting invitation can be viewed here (PDF).

Preliminary Engineering Study

This flooding potential in significant storm events allows for the opportunity to receive Johnson County Stormwater Management Program funding to improve the storm sewer system. To receive funding a formal Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) must be completed and submitted to the county which evaluates three different options for reducing the flood risk. The PES is being completed to allow for the improvement project to be eligible for funding in 2018. The Corinth Meadows neighborhood backs up to the City of Leawood and the storm sewer system drains east into Leawood.  Any improvement to the system requires storm sewer upgrades downstream in Leawood. Therefore, the PES also studies part of the storm sewer system in Leawood. The City of Leawood is aware of the project and agrees with the need to study the area.

The PES can be viewed here (PDF).