Residential Building Guidelines

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The City Staff recently presented a concept draft to the City Council of potential changes to the current zoning standards for the R-1A and R-1B residential zoning districts. This informational presentation introduced the City Council to the draft of the regulatory strategies prior to the public information meetings. The concepts are the results of many meetings with a technical development committee comprised of City Staff/Planner, architects, builders, and residents. The policy goal of the technical committee was to protect neighborhood character while balancing the changing demographics and needs of the Prairie Village Community.

Mayor Wassmer recently commented there is an increasing demand to enjoy the quality of life in Prairie Village; however, the good news has also posed some challenges. While many of the newly built homes fit within the proposed changes, residents have expressed concerns that current building codes do not adequately protect from a "towering home" being rebuilt on a neighboring property. And, it should be clearly noted that this draft would be secondary to enforceable HOA Covenants and/or Deed Restrictions.

The City Council and Planning Commission values the process of inclusion of all stakeholders and public input is certainly encouraged. A working draft of the zoning amendment is available for review here [PDF]. There will be continued opportunities for public input and informational updates will be posted.