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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
5/5/201714627Amnis LLCparts #1133 and #5066$ 120.37IN31433
5/19/201714712Amnis LLCparts 1133 and 1132$ 375.42IN31511
5/19/201714712Amnis LLCparts 1133 and 5066$ 101.18IN31598
6/2/201714809Amnis LLCparts$ 333.00IN31651
8/25/201715376Amnis LLCparts$ 85.50IN32353
8/25/201715376Amnis LLCparts 1132$ 93.27IN32254
8/25/201715376Amnis LLCparts return-$ 87.28CM2610
Total Amount$ 1,021.46