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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
1/13/201713920Disko Promotions IncEmbroidery$ 32.77E31153
3/10/201714267Disko Promotions IncEmbroidered polo shirts$ 98.30E31445
6/16/201714919Disko Promotions IncPolos$ 130.5032018
6/16/201714919Disko Promotions IncPolos$ 198.5032018
6/16/201714919Disko Promotions IncPolos$ 269.5032018
6/16/201714919Disko Promotions IncPolos$ 77.0032018
6/16/201714919Disko Promotions IncPolos$ 58.9831869
6/16/201714919Disko Promotions IncEmbroider polos$ 30.0032184
6/29/201715033Disko Promotions IncPolos$ 130.5032136
7/14/201715127Disko Promotions IncPolos$ 120.50E32316
7/14/201715127Disko Promotions IncPolos$ 197.50E32316
7/14/201715127Disko Promotions IncBike unit polos/heat press vinyl POLICE$ 24.00H32342
7/28/201715209Disko Promotions IncHeat press vinyl (4)$ 48.00H32372
7/28/201715209Disko Promotions IncHeat press vinyl (2)$ 34.00H32377
8/11/201715314Disko Promotions IncBike Unit/names on polos$ 10.00E32444
9/22/201715589Disko Promotions IncFEMA/FL DEPLOYMENT-shirts/embroidery NOT on left chest as ordered$ 210.00EH32829
11/3/201715851Disko Promotions IncLS/ss polos$ 248.76E32774
Total Amount$ 1,918.81