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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
1/13/201713930GPS Insight LLCgps monthly$ 391.95988680
1/27/201714043GPS Insight LLCGPS snow$ 433.04991443
3/10/201714291GPS Insight LLCgps snow$ 399.50994256
5/5/201714652GPS Insight LLCGPS snow$ 399.50997108
5/5/201714652GPS Insight LLCGPS snow$ 399.501000050
5/19/201714745GPS Insight LLCGPS snow$ 399.501002959
6/29/201715043GPS Insight LLCgps snow$ 399.501005970
8/11/201715328GPS Insight LLCgps snow$ 39.951008949
9/8/201715506GPS Insight LLCgps/snow$ 39.951011851
9/22/201715622GPS Insight LLCgps snow$ 39.951014750
11/3/201715866GPS Insight LLCGPS snow$ 39.951018084
Total Amount$ 2,982.29