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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
3/10/201714292Grass Pad Incseed and fertilizer$ 643.20K36799
4/7/201714459Grass Pad Incmetal edging ground plantings$ 129.50137113
4/7/201714459Grass Pad Incfertilizer$ 23.90137146
4/7/201714459Grass Pad Inccompost$ 382.73137146
5/19/201714746Grass Pad Incseed$ 341.90137122
6/16/201714947Grass Pad Inccotton burr compost$ 295.88137918
6/29/201715044Grass Pad Incsod$ 37.61138158
6/29/201715044Grass Pad Incsod$ 65.80138171
7/28/201715231Grass Pad Incseed and fertilizer$ 402.45137643
Total Amount$ 2,322.97