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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
1/26/201714006John Willson IncWRISTBANDS-thin blue line$ 900.0024794A
2/10/201714127John Willson IncCHIEF-name tape/eagles$ 14.9424847
2/10/201714127John Willson IncName tapes, pants and jacket$ 508.0924847
2/10/201714127John Willson IncTac pants/boots$ 236.9124855
2/24/201714202John Willson IncJacket$ 137.7424898
3/10/201714300John Willson IncChevrons$ 15.0024920
3/24/201714373John Willson IncPants$ 70.9724939
3/24/201714373John Willson IncSS shirts$ 265.7924944
4/21/201714552John Willson IncROBERSON-double row cab slider$ 43.4124865
5/5/201714657John Willson IncChevrons/patches-ls/ss shirts $ 676.5325077
5/5/201714657John Willson IncBoots$ 134.9725077
6/16/201714957John Willson IncPants/ss shirts/names tapes/sewing$ 443.6325160
6/29/201715051John Willson IncPants$ 295.6225193
6/29/201715051John Willson IncBoots/belt$ 104.9425198
7/28/201715237John Willson IncBIKE UNIT$ 199.9625186
7/28/201715237John Willson IncPants$ 3,966.8325186
7/28/201715237John Willson IncPants/ss shirts$ 336.7825133
7/28/201715237John Willson IncSS shirts$ 150.5225133
8/11/201715336John Willson IncPants/ss shirts/CIRT camo jacket & pants$ 555.3325287
8/25/201715415John Willson IncPants$ 50.9725307
Total Amount$ 9,108.93