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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
3/10/201714301Johnson County GovernmentNOTIFY JoCo-2017 fees$ 2,545.00111803
4/21/201714553Johnson County GovernmentSURGICAL GLOVES-10 boxes$ 120.00116175
4/28/201714598Johnson County GovernmentJoCo IT 2017 Q1 fees$ 12,477.57116083
5/19/201714753Johnson County Governmentparts$ 197.82117551
8/25/201715416Johnson County GovernmentSURGICAL GLOVES-10$ 120.00123183
8/4/201715281Johnson County GovernmentJoCo DTI Q2 Support$ 12,477.57120972
11/3/201715873Johnson County GovernmentTECHNOLOGY/INNOVATION-third quarter fees/tech support svcs$ 4,015.27125604
Total Amount$ 31,953.23