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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
2/17/201714172Lathrop And Gage LLP1799644$ 6,903.001799644
2/24/201714243Lathrop And Gage LLP1799641$ 9,971.001799641
2/24/201714243Lathrop And Gage LLP1803324$ 13,422.501803324
2/24/201714243Lathrop And Gage LLP1803325$ 5,428.001803325
2/24/201714243Lathrop And Gage LLP1803327$ 1,666.501803327
4/7/201714473Lathrop And Gage LLP1809114$ 585.001809114
4/7/201714473Lathrop And Gage LLP1809097$ 19,593.501809097
4/7/201714473Lathrop And Gage LLP1809115$ 1,482.001809115
4/7/201714473Lathrop And Gage LLP1809117$ 4,134.781809117
4/7/201714473Lathrop And Gage LLP1809115$ 1,170.001809115
5/19/201714761Lathrop And Gage LLP1814564$ 14,124.501814564
5/19/201714761Lathrop And Gage LLP1814569$ 979.001814569
5/19/201714761Lathrop And Gage LLP1814570$ 292.501814570
5/19/201714761Lathrop And Gage LLP1814572$ 6,636.251814572
5/19/201714761Lathrop And Gage LLP1814570$ 292.501814570
6/29/201715059Lathrop And Gage LLP1818099$ 3,164.501818099
6/29/201715059Lathrop And Gage LLP1818328$ 20,506.501818328
7/14/201715155Lathrop And Gage LLPGeneral Matters$ 20,283.501823543
7/14/201715155Lathrop And Gage LLPFaith Church Purchase$ 3,079.001823544
8/11/201715342Lathrop And Gage LLP1830139$ 16,425.501830139
8/11/201715342Lathrop And Gage LLP1830140$ 934.501830140
8/11/201715342Lathrop And Gage LLP1830157$ 390.001830157
8/11/201715342Lathrop And Gage LLP1830161$ 93.001830161
9/8/201715527Lathrop And Gage LLP1834648$ 16,219.001834648
9/8/201715527Lathrop And Gage LLP1834649$ 86.001834649
9/8/201715527Lathrop And Gage LLP1834650$ 186.001834650
10/4/201715719Lathrop And Gage LLP1838675$ 18,112.501838675
10/4/201715719Lathrop And Gage LLP1838676$ 390.001838676
10/4/201715719Lathrop And Gage LLP1838678$ 465.001838678
11/3/201715880Lathrop And Gage LLP1844923$ 11,910.001844923
11/3/201715880Lathrop And Gage LLP1844924$ 172.001844924
Total Amount$ 199,098.03