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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
1/13/201713905AT&T 5011""phone lines$ 74.497.90E+14
2/3/201714081AT&T 5011""Phone lines$ 74.490790448326-0125
3/10/201714257AT&T 5011""Phone lines$ 74.490790448326-0225
5/5/201714629AT&T 5011""Phone line$ 148.980790448326-0425
6/16/201714903AT&T 5011""phone lines$ 74.98790448326-52517
7/14/201715107AT&T 5011""phone lines$ 74.49790448326-62517
8/11/201715296AT&T 5011""phone lines$ 74.497.90E+13
9/8/201715474AT&T 5011""Phone lines$ 74.490790448326-0825
10/4/201715681AT&T 5011""phone lines$ 74.497.90E+14
11/9/201715921AT&T 5011""phone lines$ 74.497.90E+14
Total Amount$ 819.88