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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
1/13/201713903Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-drug tests/evidence tape$ 395.0093026
1/13/201713903Arrowhead Scientific IncTEST KIT A-for SIU$ 18.0093194
2/10/201714088Arrowhead Scientific IncDRUG TEST KITS-marijuana (4)$ 98.0093773
2/10/201714088Arrowhead Scientific IncPROPERTY ROOM SUPPS-recloseable evidence bags (three sizes)$ 239.5093773
2/24/201714177Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-evidence bags$ 29.0094043
3/24/201714338Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-paper bags/swabs/boxes$ 139.0095504
5/19/201714716Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-tape/vials/bags/$ pouches$ 291.6296749
5/19/201714716Arrowhead Scientific IncDRUG TEST KITS-meth/marijuana (3)/cocaine$ 127.5096749
6/2/201714811Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-collection & syringe tubes$ 100.6097306
7/28/201715195Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-bags/ties/knife sheaths$ 204.1598513
10/4/201715680Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-bags/tubes$ 61.50100179
10/4/201715680Arrowhead Scientific IncDRUG TEST KITS-cocaine/meth (2 each)$ 102.00100179
11/3/201715837Arrowhead Scientific IncDRUG TEST KITS-marijuana (3)/heroin (2)/meth (1)$ 153.00101203
11/3/201715837Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-sealing tapes/ampoules/bags/swabs/boxes$ 316.30101203
Total Amount$ 2,275.17