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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
1/13/201713906AthcoPlay set for Taliaferro Park$ 2,145.000020643-IN
1/13/201713969AthcoPlay set for Taliaferro Park$ 72,615.000020643-IN
2/24/201714178Athcoplay set parts$ 3,125.000020774-IN
6/16/201714904Athco$ 799.000021027-IN
8/25/201715379Athcorepair parts$ 45.000021156-IN
9/22/201715573Athcoplay set parts$ 31.840021244-IN
12/1/201716011Athcoswing chain$ 270.000021416-IN
Total Amount$ 79,030.84