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Check DateCheck #VendorDescriptionAmountInvoice #
1/4/201918575Arrowhead Scientific IncDRUG TEST KITS-marijuana/hash/cocaine/meth and ecstasy$ 608.1081925
1/25/201918805Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-gloves/swabs/tubes/bags/sterile H2O/syringes$ 608.10112722
1/25/201918805Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-test kits$ 51.00112723
5/17/201919521Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-swab boxes/swabs/6x8 bags$ 130.05115446
5/17/201919521Arrowhead Scientific IncDRUG TEST KITS-marijuana/2$ 51.00115446
7/12/201919900Arrowhead Scientific IncPROP ROOM SUPPS-bags/swabs/box$ 148.80116789
7/12/201919900Arrowhead Scientific IncDRUG TEST-marijuana/hash (for Patrol)$ 25.50116789
Total Amount$ 1,622.55