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Contractor Licenses

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Licensed Contractors in Prairie Village

The following contractor classifications are required to have a current Johnson County Contractor License, as well as a Prairie Village Contractor License, to obtain permits and inspections :

General Contractor – Class A
Building Contractor – Class B
Residential Contractor – Class C
Electrical Contractor – DE
Plumbing Contractor– DP
Mechanical Contractor – DM
Swimming Pool Contractor – DS
Roofing Contractor – DR
Fire Protection Contractor – DF
Wood Framing Contractor – DW

Sign Contractors, fence/shed contractors, utility contractors and concrete contractors are not required to have a Johnson County license, but are required to be licensed with the City for work which involves a permit and inspections.  A contractor license is not needed for other home improvement work that does not require a permit.

The license year is from January 1 thru December 31 of any year. Annual license fee is $65.00, and the fee is pro-rated to $32.50 after July 1 of any year. We will not begin renewing licenses for the upcoming year until December 15 or after.

Contact the Building Codes Department with any questions or concerns at 913-385-4604.

Download the Application [PDF].