Home Occupation

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Home occupations are permitted as an accessory use to a residence only when all of the following performance standards are met:

Home occupations must be contained within the interior of a residence and will not be located in garages or accessory structures on the site. No visible evidence of the home occupation will be apparent from the street or surrounding area. A home occupation must use no more than 20% of the total dwelling unit floor area, which does not include the floor area of the garage.

A home occupation may be conducted by family members residing on the premises but there must not be any assistance from other individuals or groups.

Home occupations cannot require external alterations of the residence and its surrounding property or other visible evidence of the conduct of such home occupation. Storage or display of materials, goods, supplies, or equipment related to the operation of the home occupation must not be visible from the outside of the residence in which the home occupation is conducted.

The home occupation is not allowed to use advertising signs on the premises which call attention to the fact that the home is being used for business purposes;

The commercial exchange of tangible goods or other items constituting a sale between the proprietor of a home occupation and a member of the general public must not be permitted on the premises of a home occupation.

Exchange of items in a lease agreement between the proprietor of a home occupation or an authorized participant must not occur on the premises of a home occupation.

Parking, deliveries or visitations for a home occupation occurring in a manner or frequency causing disturbance to the normal traffic flow for the neighborhood will result in the discontinuation of the home occupation.

A home occupation will not create excessive noise, dust or dirt, heat, smoke, odors, vibration and glare or bright lighting, which would be over and above that created by a single family residential dwelling.

The production, dumping or storage of combustible or toxic substances will not be permitted on the premises of the home occupation, except for the incidental storage of items such as paint, paper, and other household goods, which might, under certain circumstances, be toxic or combustible.

Home Occupations must obtain a Home Occupation License from the City Clerk's Office.