Final Plat

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After the Commission has approved the preliminary plat, a final plat may be submitted for approval. The final plat must be filed with the Commission. There must be approval from the Commission and written approval from the Chairman and Secretary of the Commission for a plat of a subdivision to be filed and recorded.

Filing Requirements:

Fourteen prints on paper and a digital copy of the final plat must be submitted to the Secretary of the Planning Commission by the filing date.

Reproductions of the final plat, as approved by the Planning Commission and Council shall be submitted to the City Clerk within fifteen days following final approval. One print of the final plat should be on mylar on the sheet size deemed acceptable to the Country Recorder of Deeds. A second print should be on one paper reproducible print suitable for addressing by City Staff.

Required Plat Data:

The following information must be on the final plat:

• Name of subdivision
• Location by section, township, range, city, county, and state. Descriptive boundaries of the subdivision, based on an accurate traverse, giving bearings and linear dimensions. The allowable error of closure of a final plat shall be one one-hundredth of a foot.
• Sufficient, permanent and distinguishable monuments shall be placed throughout the subdivision so that street alignments may be traced with accuracy. These monuments must be steel pins or spikes and will be installed b the subdivider as soon as possible.
• Location of lots, streets, public highways, alleys, parks and other features, with accurate dimensions in feet and decimals of feet, bearings, with the length of radii and/or arcs of all curves, and with all other information necessary to reproduce the plat on the ground.
• Lots must be clearly numbered.
• The exact locations, widths, and names of all streets to be dedicated.
• Location, width and purpose of all easements to be dedicated
• Boundary lines and description of boundary lines of any areas other than streets and alleys, which are to be dedicated or reserved for public use.
• Name and address of developer and seal of the surveyor making the plat
• Scale of plat, date and north point.
• Statement dedicating all easements
• Statement dedicating all streets, alleys and other public areas not previously dedicated.
• Statement of any deed restrictions on the properties within subdivision and covenants and restrictions providing for the establishment of homeowners association.

Supplemental Data to be submitted (with the Final Plat at the time of application):

• Restrictive covenants
• Proof of ownership
• Review of the country surveyor
• A certificate showing that all taxes and special assessments due and payable have been paid in full. Otherwise if such taxes have are protested monies or other sufficient escrows guaranteeing such payment of taxes in the event the protest is not upheld, may be placed on deposit with such official or governing bodies to meet this requirement.
• Construction documents

Certifications Required on Final Plats

• A certificate signed by all parties having any title interest in the land subdivided, consenting to the preparation of and recording of the plat as submitted.
• Certification by registered surveyor showing the correct details of the plat.
• Space for certificates of approval by the Planning Commission to be filled in by the signatures of he Chairman and Secretary of the Planning Commission.
• Space for certificates of acceptance of easements and rights-of-way by the City Council to be filled in by signatures of the Mayor and City Clerk.

Public Improvements

Plans prepared by a professional engineer must be submitted indicating construction of or improvements to a curb, street surface, alleys, sidewalks and storm drainage system as part of the subdivision process.

Construction documents must also be prepared and submitted to the Public Works Department.


After the final plat is reviewed the Planning Commission will approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove of the Final Plat within sixty days after the submission date. If no determination is made within sixty days after the first meeting of the Planning Commission, following the date of submission, the plat with be deemed approved.