Lot Split

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Lot Split Regulations and Requirements

Platted lots may be divided into no more than two lots without having to re-plat the original lot, but resulting lots may not be divided again without re-platting.

Lots which are split are subject to the following conditions:

  • The Planning Commission must approve the lot split. If the Planning Commission denies or does not review the lot split within 45 days, the resident may appeal the denial. The City Council will have 30 days to act upon the appeal.
  • A certificate of survey must be submitted to the City Planning Commission and include the certification by a registered engineer or surveyor that the details contained on the survey are correct.
  • The certificate of survey must indicate the following:     
    • The dimension and location of the lots (metes and bounds description)
    • The location and character of all proposed and existing public utility lines, including sewers, water, gas, telecommunications, cable TV, and power lines.
    • Building setback lines with dimensions
    • Indication of location of proposed or existing streets and driveways providing access to said lots.
    • Topography (unless specifically waived by the City Planning Commission) with contour intervals not more than five feet, and including the locations of water courses, ravines, and proposed drainage systems.
  • If the development of the resulting lot requires the dedication of street right-of-way or construction of curbs or pavement, the applicant will conform to filing requirements.
  • Width, depth, area, and all building setback lines must conform to the standards provided by the Prairie Village Zoning Code.
  • Buildings or structures existing on the lot at the time of the splitting must retain the land areas, yards, and open specs required for the existing building by the Prairie Village Municipal Code after the lot split has been completed.
  • Any easements required for utility purposes shall be dedicated by separate instrument.
  • Applicants who have obtained approval will file the survey with the endorsement of the approval with the Register of Deeds of Johnson County, Kansas.
  • The owner of a lot which has been divided within the terms of the subdivision regulations may apply for a building permit.