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Specific Zoning Information

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

If you need to know specific zoning information please go to the Johnson County, KS AIMS website

On this website you will see a Map and a section to enter an address. 


Make sure the option for pop-up windows in your browser is turned on. 

Go to the box titled "Search for Location" and type in the address you want to know more about. 

Search for Location

After pressing "Locate It!" a pop-up box will appear, showing information including the year the property was built, the zoning code, and the number of acres. 

 AIMS location information

In your original window a map of the address searched for should appear.  The map should look similar to the one below. 

AIMS Map of Municipal Offices

If you need additional information regarding allowed uses or set backs click here to view the zoning codes.