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Lost & Found

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Lost Animals

If you lose your pet, please follow the next series of steps:

1.  Notify Animal Control at 913-385-4631;

2.  Notify Police Dispatch at 913-642-6868;

3.  Notify the Lost Dog Registry at 913-808-3373;

4.  Notify surrounding cities because your dog may cross city boundaries:

  • City of Leawood - 913-642-5555
  • Northeast Johnson County - 913-782-0720
  • Overland Park - 913-895-6300
  • Kansas City, MO - 816-513-1313

5.  Register on-line at;

6.  Place a free ad with the Kansas City Star at 816-234-4000 or the Johnson County Sun at

7.  Make flyers with a current photo to distribute to grocery or pet stores, and

8.  Visit the shelters/clinics in person to look for your pet.  There is always the possibility that
     another person's description of your pet will vary from your own.  Find out how long the
     agency holds pets for owners to claim (varies from 3 to 10 days) and visit at least that often. 

When Animal Control finds a lost pet, they make every attempt to return the pet to its owner. 
Help us increase the opportunity to protect and return your pet to you by keeping a collar on
your pet with a current city license on it.  

If an owner cannot be contacted, the pet is taken to the Animal Medical Center (AMC).  Call Animal Control at 913-385-4631 or Dispatch at 913-642-6868 to find out if we have picked up your pet. 

AMC is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.,  Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and closed on Sunday.  AMC is located at 204 West 75th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, 816-333-9000. 
To reclaim your pet, a valid photo ID is required.

After hours, if your pet has a microchip, the Department does have a scanner and can attempt
to locate the owner.

Fees for all reclaims are:

$75.00 Administration fee - This is what you will pay when you pick up your pet the same day.
Each additional day (boarding) = $25.00

For example: Day 1 = $75.00; Day 2 = $100.00; Day 3 = $125.00; etc.

This does not include the separate citation fee you may have to pay the City of
Prairie Village

Running at Large: 1st Offense = $35; 2nd Offense = $85; 3rd Offense = $160

The City of Prairie Village requires pets to be licensed and current on rabies vaccination.

Found Animals

1.  Look for tags.  Rabies tags are issued by veterinarians who keep owner information. 
     City license tags are issued by cities that also keep owner information. Look at the collar.
     Owners will sometimes write contact information on the inside of collars.

2.  Call Dispatch at 913-642-6868. They will check to see if the pet has been reported missing,
     take a description of the pet, and your contact information in case the owner calls looking
     for the lost pet. They can also look up the city tag to find the owner information.

3.  Take the pet to a vet or shelter and ask them to scan him/her for a microchip (which
     can provide owner information).

4.  If you cannot care for the pet and need to surrender him/her, be sure to contact the
     Animal Control department for the city in which the pet was found in.  This gives the owner
     the best chance of reuniting with their pet.  If the pet was found in Prairie Village, please let
     Dispatch know so that Animal Control can be sent to your location to retrieve the pet.