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Sewer Line Warranty Program

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In 2011, the City of Prairie Village partnered with Service Line Warranties of America and the National League of Cities to offer a Sewer Line Warranty Program for Prairie Village residents. Residents are contacted directly by Service Line Warranties of America regarding the Sewer Line Warranty program. For more information on this program, call 1-866-922-9006 or visit  

Residents are responsible for the sanitary sewer lines that exit from their house to the utility connection and repairs to these lines can be very expensive. Residents may be contacted by other companies offering similar Sewer Line Warranty services. Each resident can determine from which company, if any, to purchase a Sewer Line Warranty.

There are also a variety of companies offering Water Line Warranty programs including HomeServe in partnership with WaterOne. Each resident can determine from which company, if any, to purchase a Water Line Warranty. The Water Line Warranty is separate from the Sewer Line Warranty.

If you purchase a Sewer Line Warranty or Water Line Warranty, make sure to keep your paperwork so that you have the appropriate company information if a problem should arise.